Friday, August 9, 2013

Measure twice.....

Good morning!  I am trying to finish one of my UFOs.  (That means Un-Finished Objects for those of you who do not quilt.)  I am working on a quilt for myself for a change!  My Local Quilt Guild (LQG) has a quilt-in every year.  Each year we participate in a mystery quilt.  *A mystery quilt is when you receive fabric requirements, but you don't know what the pattern looks like until the event begins.*

You didn't know quilters had all these secrets, did you?  Special abbreviations, mystery quilt patterns... All very intriguing! 

I digress, anyway, the mystery quilt pattern was called the 10 minute block.  Very quick as far as quilt patterns are concerned.  Here is a link to the you-tube video.

Here is my version of the 10 minute block.

Look at the upper right corner.  It doesn't quite fit my bed.  Time to add some borders!

 I decided I was going to add 3 borders.  The inner border is a white strip, to tie in the white diamonds.

Still not big enough.  I then added strips of each of the fabrics in the blocks (all the blues).

Excuse the wrinkles! LOL  Still not big enough.  I think one more border should do the trick!  How much do I need to add?  Ugh!  Time for math.  I love math, but let's face it, I hate measuring!  Have you ever heard the saying "Measure twice, cut once"?  Well, I usually follow the wing-it philosophy.  I cut, then fix it later.  Not the best policy, but all that math makes my head hurt!

See what I mean????  Oy!  I have my calculations.  I am trying to get my quilt to measure to a queen size.  I'm ready to cut.  I double check everything.  I measured my fabric.  I should have enough.  I cut my strips, sewed them together, and pinned my border to my quilt.

Ugh!  What happened???? I am a 1/2" short.  I know what you are going to say.... I didn't account for the 1/4" seam allowance.  Oh no!  I've learned my lesson about the tricky seam allowance.  It wasn't that.  Hmmm?

I finally figured it out.  That %$@# selvage!!!  Grrrr.  Now I have to cut another strip to fix it.  Guess who's going back to the fabric store?

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Anni : )


  1. Been there, done that! Can't wait to see it. But hey, any excuse to go to a fabric store is a good one!

    1. So very true, Beth. Luckily I found more of the blue today. After I spread the quilt out on the bed, though, it might need another border after all. : ?

  2. Great blog as always!

    When explaining about UFO's, I almost thought you wrote "for those of you who do not YET quilt."

    I guess I assume everyone will be in the future, lol!

    Looking forward to the final product!

    1. Thanks Kim! Hee Hee, the quilt bug IS very contagious!

  3. I love the colors! The last time I had a UFO I gave it away. Lol

    1. You gave it away??? You can send them my way anytime. LOL