Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What are mug rugs????

I am fascinated with this mini quilts, called mug rugs!  What are mug rugs? Is it a fancy name for a coaster, or is it more?  Wikipedia to the rescue:

A coaster, or beermat, is a mat used to rest glasses of beer (or other beverages) upon

So.... it is a coaster.  I think it is a little more, though.  Many of the mug rugs I have seen are much bigger than a coaster.  Why so big?  I believe the mug rug was intended for your mug of choice and a little room (well, let's be honest.  A LOT of room!) left for a cookie.  How sweet is that?

These are two holiday mug rugs I have for sale in my Etsy store.  They are 10 1/2" quilt blocks that I quilted.  I am really trying to perfect my free motion quilting.  Can you tell that I am into spirals?  Perfect place to practice quilting on these miniatures.  

I hope you enjoy my rambling so far.  Don't forget to click on my Etsy store!  (The little slideshow on the right.)

I hope you have a creative adventure today!


  1. Way to go Anne! These are super cute and I think your quilting looks great.

  2. Very informative post an awesome "mug rugs! :-)