Sunday, August 4, 2013

Horizons broadened : )

I had a great time "broadening my horizons" at the Painting on Cotton class.  What do you think?

This was a tricky technique.  It was so much fun working with all the different colors, but I didn't realize how much the paint spread on the fabric.  It was definitely a learning curve.  I began to paint, but didn't use enough water.  I then added water, and the paint bled too much.  Oy!  Then I decided to add salt to see what effect that would add.  According to my instructor, the salt attracts the paint and adds a different effect.  Very cool!

Once I started, I couldn't stop.  Creativity is very addictive that way!  I added a yellow background to make the reds and the oranges pop.  I really loved it about half way through the class, but the paint kept spreading!  Again OY!

Kim (my instructor) suggested setting the paints with an iron and adding purple outline.  Well, ironing is not my favorite thing to do.  I made the cotton more wrinkled.  Can you see all the wrinkles???? LOL!  Kim was right.  When I added the purple outline, my painting became more defined.  Thanks Kim!

Now, what do I do with this?  Kim made her example into a convergence quilt.  Do you remember?

Stunning!  Hmmm.... maybe Kim will offer another class with this technique???

The final picture is the example Kim painted during our class.  She is truly the artist! : )

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I hope you have a creative adventure today!



  1. Anne, what a great blog you have! I love reading your perspective on the class! I definitely want to do something on the 31st- so start collecting 3 24x24 squares of fabric that coordinate with what you've painted. :)

    1. Very exciting! Not sure what I have in my stash. This might be an excuse to buy more fabric! j/k : )