Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giving back : )

Good morning!  It is time to give back.

Not only is it good for my karma, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love making things for charity, especially our troops.  Thursday, my friend Sara and the Stafford Craft Queens will be crocheting beanies for the troops.  We will be donating the beanies through an organization called Beanies for Bravery! Click on the link to check them out! : )


If you would like to join us, leave me a comment with your email, and I will send you the info.  It doesn't matter if you are local, you can still contribute.  Just follow the information in the link.  There are specific guidelines, so read the information carefully.  Always remember that the pattern is copyrighted.  Please do not resell the pattern!

It is raining here.  Hopefully that will mean some time to work on my projects.

I hope you have a creative adventure today!

Please leave me a comment below!  I love to hear your opinion.  Tell a friend about my blog.  I love sharing my creative thoughts with others.



  1. It's always a good feeling to give back especially to those who give so much! :-)

    1. Absolutely! I love this organization. Snappy-tots has adorable patterns too. :))